Sheets Market Data

Welcome to Maverick, we are Sheets Market Data 2.0.

In 2019 we launched as Sheets Market Data, and it has been quite a journey since then. It didn’t take long before we had quite a large number of users taking advantage of our free version of the Sheets Market Data add-on for Google Sheets. We found that even the cut down version of the add-on was a popular Google Finance alternative, for those investors wanting a larger range of metrics, and deeper financials and statistics. 

In late 2019 we notified our users that we needed to take the add-on offline for a few months. The product, API and infrastructure in general wasn’t handling the load it was experiencing and we needed to rework it instead of releasing patches and updates. So we announced that we were taking Sheets Market Data offline to rewrite the API and add-on, move to AWS and integrate our new market data provider, but, we would be back better than ever.

Well it took us a little longer than we had hoped, so we took advantage of the extra time to rebrand from Sheets Market Data to Maverick, which is what you see today.  We wanted a brand that better represented the new products and features we are launching soon. We are offering a free trial to test out the new add-on and features. Give it a try, we’d love to get your feedback!

Way Better Data

We’ve partnered with Refinitiv, the provider of worldclass data to leading financial institutions around the world. This means Maverick users gain access to the same quality financial data the pro’s on wall street use.